1. Single quotes vs double quotes
    A lot of modern programming languages, like ruby, javascript and python, will treat'string' the same as"string" . In Elixir, however, it is not the case


Hotwire is the latest technology stack Basecamp announced based on Rails.

It aims to provide a collection of tools for developers to build an interactive, real-time application, while you do not have to build a separate frontend application (SPA).

The benefits of using Hotwire are as follows:

  • reduces the time…

Ruby on Rails追求開發追度,提供各種組件予開發員直接使用。龐大既組件嚴重佔用系統的記憶體,稍一不慎,會拖慢原本效率已經非常一般的系統。


GitHub Gem專頁


(1) 安裝Derailed Benchmarks





長遠來說,該考慮的是代碼是否適合使用Ruby on Rails,或者你需要使用另一種程式語言,以微服務來分拆功能。至於如何傳遞服務間的Session,又是另一個問題了。


Ruby Performance Optimization

Execution is not always everything. A team needs to care about people as well.

A wrong project work can lead to:

  • destroy morale
  • grind teams down
  • erode trust
  • crunch gears
  • wreck the machinery of long-term progress

Cost($ & Manpower) <-> Time <-> Features <->

What shape up what to solve

This article is updated at 26th October 2019, the latest version of flutter is 1.10.7 and the version of dart is 2.6.0. You may check your current version in your Terminal by typing flutter --version.

Install Flutter SDK

1. Install Flutter SDK from the official website.

2. Move the unzipped folder to $HOME


Let's go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday.

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